Laszlo Fekete

Fekete László


My life has been determined by sport, ever since I was born. There was a time when I’ve played five sports disciplines at the same time in competitive matter. Throughout my career as an athlete, I’ve hated those who did not practised their sports discipline purely and honestly, not giving equal opportunities to others.

In 1988 was my first time to attend the World’s Strongest Man event. I have achieved great results in a clear and honest way. Unfortunately, I’ve had soon come to the conclusion that my opponents did not not followed my footsteps. They have been using performance enhancers and various doping agents. On a regular basis, for years I have been asking the organizers of various tournaments to pursue anti-doping tests, because these contests are not the about being the most powerful in the World compete, it was about cheaters, about those who did not respect the simple performing rules of equal rights to compete.

Endless times when it was possible, I’ve requested the organizers to have me tested in order to prove my clean performance. Strongman competitions are viewed on countless broadcast chennels, misguiding the fans, due to the lack of testing them athletes. This has been the reasonf of having stopped competing in that environment, and in 2006 I have founded the World’s Natural Strongman Federation.

I was pleased that this discipline finally has another side, I clear and clean one. Presently there are 42 countries and more than 1,500 athletes that are registered at this federation. I am glad that my children have achieved great success in this sport and are walking my way, the path of purity and honor. All three boys are single or multiple world champions. That is why we can say that we are the most powerful family in the world and certainly, the most powerful people in the world as well. Thses titles are to by claimed by only those who are clean, drug-free and honest in this wonderful sports discipline. Our natural performances are proven by video films and the anti-doping tests as well. Ever since my beginnings as an athlete my true beliefs have never been altered and I shall continue, together with my children. This is what should be considered by all athletes worldwide.

„Your human worth is proclaimed in the World only, if you are able to perform in the sport purely, honestly, over the will and the ability of others, otherwise you will increase the number of worthless people in the world.”

Laszlo Fekete (1995)